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11.07 - Are my donations tax deductible?

If you are a citizen:

Your purchases are considered donations. However, usually tax deduction only can apply in the same country as the country of the non-profit, in this case Belgium, where we are fiscally based. Please contact us if you would like more details on tax deductions.

If you are a company:

Our usual services go beyond a simple donation and should therefore be categorized as "sponsoring". Sponsorship does not usually apply for tax deduction.

By using the Tree-Nation platform, you will benefit from a suite of tools allowing you to communicate about your reforestation efforts. This includes a lot of extra services around your trees: the virtual trees associated with your brand, a branded forest and tools to communicate on your environmental commitment. In the case of a donation, strictly speaking, you should not get any benefit in exchange for your funds.

To simplify, sponsoring is basically a donation + advertising. But in terms of tax it means we invoice you normally, like a company would do. It's also usually a preferred option from our corporate clients as it is much easier for them to treat those payments as normal invoices in their accounting.

However please note that it is still possible to make donations as a company to our non-profit. Please consult us (at if you would like more details on tax deductions, as conditions may differ depending on your country of origin.