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9.03 - Do you have an API available?

Yes! With our API you can program any action on your site or software to trigger a tree-gift for your customers. Our API is our most powerful tool that lets you plant and offer trees with the level of customization you desire. Our trees work as e-gifts that can be linked to any products and services and triggered by any action you set. Ideal for large projects, apps and SAAS platforms.

In details:


What the API does

To summarize, the most important feature of our API is to let you create trees. This includes selecting the project and species to plant, and also the option to receive the tree-gift URL in return. With this URL, the recipient will be able to collect and plant his tree on our platform. You can also decide who sends the tree-gift email to the recipient: Tree-Nation or yourself.

You can use the default tree message or create new ones.

As more advanced features, you can create a Tree-Nation user profile for your corporate clients. You can also manage and distribute credits to those clients.

Under our API package we also include some RSS feeds so you can collect information about a project or your forest and plug this content directly into your software.

The rest is handled on our platform.

Check our documentation

Click on this link to find our API documentation on Postman.

Start testing

To get started we will provide you an access to our test website. In there you can test the integration of the API. When ready, let us know and we will provide you a token code for our live website.

To get your API Test Token and access to test site, please contact us.