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9.01 - How can I get a CO2 Neutral website label?

The CO2 Neutral website label is a smart label that offsets all of your websites CO2 emissions automatically.

Placed in the footer of your website, it will automatically calculate and compensate all the CO2 emissions the website generates. It tracks your website usage and calculates its emissions. Our system plants the trees needed to offset these emissions. And it's free!

In details:


A smart label on your website

Just install our free smart label in your website’s footer. It will track your website emissions and automatically convert them into trees planted in order to offset them.


Your website impact and CO2 offset

Keep track of your websites CO2 compensation with your personalised counters. Here you can also learn how much CO2 your trees are offsetting and measure your environmental impact year-on-year.


Your trees are planted automatically and free of charge

Each time you reach a certain amount of emissions due to your website, we plant a tree to offset it. All your new trees will be visible inside your forest page.


Why it matters

When a website is used, data is transferred and processed in remote servers.
The electricity consumed by these servers and by our computers accounts for 2% of
the world’s air pollution.


Install it now

It takes 1 minute. Login and go to your company's forest Impact page. You will find install instructions within this page.