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7.06 - Are the CO2 offsets certified by a third-party?

If you plant trees from our CO2 offset section, the CO2 comes excusively (except for extra CO2, see details below) from third-party certified projects. We are very proud to work with VCS, Gold Standard and Plan Vivo, the best in class and most renowned certification standards that exist in our field.

In details:

For our services Offset Tons, Offset Travels, Offset Product we work exclusively with certified projects.

For our service CO2 Neutral we work with certified projects, but in this service we also add "extra" CO2 offsets that come from non-certified projects.

For our service Offset Team we work mostly with a mix of certified and non-certified projects.

To understand why we work with both certified and non-certified projects, and why it matters, please refer to the FAQ 3.06 Are the projects certified? for in-dept information on this topic.