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4.05 - Do you offer jobs or internships?

Tree-Nation is a great place to work and develop your professional experience without compromising on your environmental beliefs.

Work environment

Our team is dedicated and passionate about protecting the environment and fighting climate change. 

Deforestation today already represents 20% of climate change and this rate will keep going up. We believe in providing a technological solution to help tackle the worldโ€™s most challenging issue.

With our eco-friendly (and beautiful) main office situated in the 22@ district of Barcelona, Spain, despite our long experience we maintain a tech startup spirit always seeking to evolve and improve, to be able to deliver the best of ourselves.



For any internship request please send us your resume at Also include a 1 page cover letter in which you can explain what is your experience, what you do best and what kind of work motivates you the most. We usually do not post internship offers as we prefer spontaneous requests. Don't be shy to describe what you'd like to work on within Tree-Nation, we believe working on what you like is a key to success.


We are currently looking for:

  • 1 Marketing Director
  • 1 Junior B2B Sales

(updated July 2020)