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3.08 - How can I be sure that you have enough capacity for the species I choose?

From the "project" page, you can consult the list of available species. You will find the availability of each species very easily.

  • Click on any species
  • A species window will appear. In the green bar you can see how many trees are available for this species. We call this the species "stock".

How it works

The stocks of species are updated automatically and instantly each time a citizen funds a tree. When a species no longer has sufficient stock, it is automatically removed from the list of species to be planted.

The stock of a species also changes when the corresponding project updates its planting status. Along the year the planting capacity of a species is reviewed and some new trees are planned for the next period. This usually adds more capacity but it can also reduce the stock of a species in case the project didn't manage to plant enough trees for one specific species.