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11.06 - Do I get discounts if I plant a large quantity?

As a non-profit organization we try to provide the best prices at all time no matter the quantity of trees you're going to plant. Our Tree-Nation platform is "self-service" so that we can allow every person and company to plant, no matter the amount of funding offered. We believe it is a fair practice to provide the same price for all.

Besides the trees, all our other costs of services are free, so a larger quantity doesn't affect that neither.

This means that whether you plant 1 or 10 000 trees the prices will be the ones displayed on our website.

However we understand companies may have tight budget constraints. For this please contact us and we can use our large range of projects and species to find a good mix of trees that will work well for you.

We have however one exception for large scale CO2 compensation. Because there are real economies of scale with CO2 offset programs, for compensations above 500 tonnes of CO2 we can apply a discount. For more information please contact us at :