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9.04 - Is it possible to personalise the tree-gift emails for my clients?

Our email system is "smart" and we send different emails depending if the recipient is already a member of Tree-Nation or not. When addresssing to a recipient that is already a member then the email will already include your personalised tree-gift message. For recipients that are new to Tree-Nation, our email is designed to be simpler and therefore do not offer the option to personalise it. However if you want full personalisation remember you have the option to send your own emails instead of using Tree-Nation email sending tool.

In details:

We understand that an email from your company, with your logo, your message and your branding would be a great option to inform your clients about their trees. This is why our system is designed to allow you to do that, either by using our API or by using the advanced option that let you collect a list of tree-gifts URLs. This way you can use your own emailing system, fully personalised to your needs. However this requires more technical work on your side as you need to program your emails to each send 1 specific tree-gift URL. We only recommend it for advanced integrations.

On the emails we send, we do not offer the option to personalise the tree-gift emails. There are multiple reasons why we do not offer this option. In a word, because it would probably do you a disservice:

  • We can't impersonate you. We can't pretend the email comes from you, this is simply illegal and a terrible practice.
  • Adding your logo or links makes our emails more susceptible to reach the spam box, as the origin of the email is more complex to grasp by email bots. A simple and straightforward email works better to reach your recipients.
  • We have refined our emails over many years in fact! We have tried countless options and we know our emails have excellent results. They reach your clients. Your clients open them and they click them.
  • Our emails take care of problems like languages etc, that will be very difficult to plan otherwise if you use one of our automated solution.
  • You have a dedicated space for your personalised message: within your tree. Adding your personalised message BEFORE the tree, inside the email message, has the results of less recipients viewing and collecting their trees. This is why we do not offer the option to add a personalised message in the emails for recipients that are new to Tree-Nation but we do offer this option for recipients already registered on our platform. In this case the email will automatically include your tree gift message.
  • Finally our stats shows us very clearly that our emails have better results of trees viewed and collected than when our corporate sponsors send the emails. So personalising the email is not an effective solution to achieve more participation.

Our recommendation

If you have a 1 product 1 tree campaign (or similar) we usually recommend that, in the purchase confirmation email, you add a little sentence to inform your clients they will receive a tree-gift email from Tree-Nation. For example:

"Thanks to your purchase we planted a tree for you! You will soon receive an email from Tree-Nation with details about your tree-gift! We are pleased to help the environment at your side!"

While we will not offer a full personalisation of our tree-gift emails, we may, in a future update, allow a 1 sentence addition from the sponsor. If you feel this is a real benefit for your company, please send us your feedback. They are very useful for us to improve on our services!