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7.03 - What are my options to offset CO2 as a company?

Our section Offset CO2 for companies offers you the option to offset all or part of your company's CO2 emissions.

When you don't know what you need to offset

Calculating your company's emission is a complex topic. We solve this difficult task by offering a 3 parts solution, allowing you to decide which area of your company you would like to offset. Each of those 3 plans are therefore complementary to the others as they offset a different set of emissions. Using the 3 combined allows your company to be fully carbon neutral.

Our 3 different programs are displayed to cover your whole CO2 impact:


When you know what you need to offset

If you already calculated the amount of emissions you need to offset you can then directly use the Offset Tons solution. Just enter the amount of CO2 to be offset in tonnes and we will do the rest.