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7.02 - What are my options to offset CO2 as an individual?

Each year, your total annual emissions average 9 tonnes of CO2. By becoming a CO2 Neutral you can offset all of your CO2 emissions in the easiest and most effective way. On a monthly basis, Tree-Nation will plant your trees by carefully selecting the species that will offset the amount of CO2 corresponding to your chosen program. 

For this we offer 3 different programs which can be found in our Offset CO2 section.


The first one is the Basic plan which will compensate half of your average CO2 emissions, 4.5t of CO2 pear year by planting 3 trees every month for a year.

The second one is the Individual plan which will fully compensate your yearly CO2 emissions of 9t by planting 6 trees a month for a year.

Last but not least is the Family pack which allows you to choose for how many people you would like to compensate by planting 6 trees each month.