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6.04 - How to plant trees each month/year automatically?

Pick your species

When you plant trees with us you can decide if you want to plant them once or periodically. It's very easy!

Let's see how it works:

  • As usual go to the Plant section to plant trees.
  • When you reach the checkout page, just change the selection to "Every month" or "Every year":

And you're set!

Your selected trees will be planted on the same day every month/year and your credit card will be charged accordingly at each period.

You can stop this plan anytime from the from your Ongoing contributions section.

Surprise species

With the above tool you will keep planting the species you selected the first time. But another nice option is to have a monthly plan where each month you plant a different species, letting the Tree-Nation team make our expert selection for you. 

Please check our Carbon Neutral program.

For companies

For companies we also have lots of options too that you can find under this section: 

6.13 Do you have automation systems to plant trees?