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6.02 - How to select a project and species?

You don’t have to be a forestry expert to plant trees on Tree-Nation. Every project and every species has been selected for its positive impact across 3 areas: environmental, social and economical.


Plant everywhere
In general we recommend you to plant in various projects and using multiple species. This way you can spread your help to many regions. It also helps us to ensure every project receives sufficient funding.

Local or tropical!
We usually recommend tropical projects. This is why: Where are trees most needed!
But if you prefer a project closer to where you live (or closer to your clients/employees), that's totally fine.

Check the Key Elements of a project
Go to the Projects list and check for the Active projects. This is where you can plant now.
(If you want to plant in a project which is not in our active list, let us know. We'll inform you of its availability and conditions).

In the project list you can see some Key Elements like these:


These Key Elements should help you find a project that matches your need. For example: is your objective to Offset CO2 or to fight a specific cause like desertification?

Some Key Elements are of particular interest for companies. For example your company may require a Certified project. Your company might want to plant a large volume of trees and will therefore require a large scale project. Your company will want to communicate often on its planting efforts, then check if the project posts Frequent updates from the field.

Learn more about each project
By clicking inside a project page you will find an About tab where you will be able to get a better understanding of the project and its objectives.

Select a species
To select your species: inside each project you will find a Species section. Click on each species to access its detailed form and learn its benefits and characteristics.
You can also go to the Plant section! section and access the species from there.