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3.10 - Shouldn't the local planter choose the species instead of me?

When you plant or offer a tree you can decide which species you want to plant. But you are only deciding from a certain selection of trees that we know we will plant. Ultimately the species selection is done by reforestation experts.

In details:

It may sound weird that on Tree-Nation our users can decide which species to plant instead of leaving this delicate task to reforestation experts. Well this is because there is a trick! In fact the selection is done by our professional teams. Let's see how we do it:

  • The species that are selected must comply with our double objective: be good for the environment and good for the local communities. Therefore the species selection is usually first defined by the local project, as part of the project scope and objectives.
  • Then in order to make sure the local communities will take good care of the trees, the final decision of which species will be planted and in what quantity, within the selection of agreed species, will be done together with the local land owners.
  • Finally a third layer is provided by Tree-Nation's own control on the species selection as we make sure they are well suited for the local environement and helpful for local communities.
  • The precise tree capacity figures for each individual planting site is marked within the Tree-Nation platform.
  • Finally our algorithm allows us to determine the stock of available species to fund. And this is what you see.
  • When you decide on which species you want to plant, you can be sure it was part of the above mentioned selection process. If every user decides to plant the same species, it will soon run "out of stock" and thus will allow the funding of the remaining species.
  • Tree-Nation also disposes of various additional tools to make sure all species are planted in the quantities required by the project.

In a word, we plant what is good for the planet and it's important you know that.